Woodfordes Micro Brewery Starter Kit Reviews
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40 Pints Premium Pub style beer in just 1 month!

Anybody can use this kit New or Experienced Home Brewers Its Never Been Easier!

Normal RRP 74.95 - Only 64.95!

If youre looking for a home brewing kit that will easily and economically enable you to brew top notch, real ale in the comfort of your own home - this is it!

Not only is all the equipment included, the ingredients to make 40 pints of award winning, Woodfordes Real Ale is also contained in this kit, just add water and 100g of sugar. If youre planning a get together, what better way to impress your friends than by pouring your guests a pint from your very own Micro Brewery!

Special Occasions Family get-togethers BBQs Relaxed home drinking

Its never been easier to brew your own premium pub style beer. Using the Micro Brewery is quick, easy, fun and low cost. The use of pure, natural ingredients such as those in the included Real Ale kit ensure that you are drinking a high quality cask style ale, with no pasteurisation or additives often associated with cheap supermarket beer.

Complete and easy to follow instructions are included with the kit, making brewing your own real ale a breeze. The process of brewing your own beer is not only very cost effective but also highly enjoyable, rewarding and gives a hands-on, practical understanding of the processes involved with brewing beer the first taste of your very own beer is a satisfying moment!

The Woodfordes Micro Brewery Complete Starter Kit makes a fantastic gift and introduction to a new hobby. After brewing the first batch of beer with the included Real Ale kit, all that is required to start brewing future batches is another beer kit (ingredients). This Micro Brewery is suitable for brewing real ale, lager, stout, cider and all varieties of beer.

We have this kit available with 6 different styles of beer please choose your style at the bottom of the page

Micro Brewery Complete Starter Kit Contents

Fermentation Container - For the initial brewing process, includes lid with grommet for airlock
Pressure Barrel with CO2 Valve Conditions, stores and dispenses the beer
Spoon It takes a long spoon to mix the ingredients!
Syphon Tube To transfer the beer from the Fermenter to the Barrel
Airlock Fill it with water, it lets the gasses escape and prevents contamination
Hydrometer Lets you check on the alcohol content so you know when its ready
Trial Jar For use with the Hydrometer
Thermometer Helps you keep your brew at the correct temperature
CO2 Bulbs x 2 and Holder Add a blast of CO2 if required
Steriliser Ready to start? Clean your equipment to avoid contamination
Instructions Easy-to-follow, step by step guide

Products may vary in style from those illustrated

Frequently Asked Questions

How long before my beer will be ready?
To brew your own fantastic beer takes 2-3 weeks, varying slightly on which kit you choose. It takes around 5 days for the initial brewing process in the fermenting container and then around 2 weeks in the barrel to allow the brew to clear and to develop into a smooth, clean tasting beer.

Will I need to buy anything else?
No, the Micro Brewery Kit contains all the equipment required, all you need to do is add water. The equipment included with the Micro Brewery will last for many years, all that is required to continue brewing is additional beer kits.

Are all the beer kits the same and can they be brewed with this equipment?
Essentially all the beer kits are quite similar, the difference is in the balance and style of ingredients which produces varying beer types. All the 3kg kits contain everything that you need. Kits weighing less than 3kg will need 1kg of sugar adding. Any beer kit can be brewed with this equipment.

Will the Micro Brewery Kit be packed in one box?
Yes, the kit is packed into a plain box. The Micro Brewery makes an ideal gift as there is no visible branding suggesting what might be inside!

How long does the beer last?
After your beer has finished brewing it will last up to six months. If the beer is intended to be kept for a long time (up to 2 years) then bottles can be used, all bottles sold by us are designed to take the pressure of secondary fermentation. We find that customers often like to syphon half the beer into the barrel for drinking straight away and buy a pack of bottles to store the other half to drink in future.

Will my beer go flat?
The pressure barrel supplied with the Micro Brewery will keep your beer fresh and nicely carbonated, just like in the pub. If you need to increase the pressure in the barrel, there is a valve on the top which allows the injection of extra CO2 using disposable bulbs - 2 bulbs are included.

Will brewing my own beer save me money?
One of the best advantages of brewing your own beer is the amount of money it will save you. Generally a 40 pint beer kit will cost around 10 - 20, so after purchasing the Micro Brewery youll be brewing top notch beer from 25p a pint!

Can anybody make home brew beer?
Absolutely! Instructions are included and its very straight forward. It is important to clean the equipment (with the included steriliser) but nothing difficult needs to be done other than waiting!

How much beer will it make?

Depending which beer style you choose, each batch makes up to 40 pints. Some of the stronger beers make a reduced quantity, but any of the Woodfordes range can be made to 40 pints, it will reduce the finished alcohol content down to around 4.5% which is the standard strength for Woodfordes Wherry.

What's your favourite beer style?

Woodfordes Wherry
Fresh and zesty with crisp floral flavours. A background of sweet malt and a hoppy grapefruit bitter finish characterises this champion bitter. (40 Pints)

Nelsons Revenge
Rich and floral aromas,sweet Norfolk malts and a burst of citrus hops embody this mouth-watering premium beer. (36 Pints)

Norfolk Nog
Smooth, rich and rounded Old Ale with a velvety texture and hints of chocolate, treacle and liquorice. (40 Pints)

Admirals Reserve
Solid and generous sweet fruit flavour create a complex and satisfying dark chestnut-coloured beer. Wonderfully, and dangerously, drinkable. (32 Pints)

Pale but strong and full-bodied. Carries an intricate combination of plums and damsons countered by an abundance of citrus hopping. (24 Pints)

Subtle golden beer - pale in colour and light on the palate with the distinctive hoppy Woodfordes finish. Deliciously golden and refreshing. (40 pints)

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Brill first time kit
By Gareth from Stoke on 05/18/2013
Pros: Super value
Recommended: Yes
As a total newcomer to home brewing I was recommended this kit by a work colleague. It has lived up to and exceeded all expectations. The beer is Woodforde Werry and it has turned out fantastic, all down to the superb and easily useable kit. Very easy and clear instructions.
first attempt
By glenno from kent on 04/10/2013
Pros: good price
Cons: lid not brilliant
Recommended: Yes
fermentation bucket a bit flimsy could not get a good seal even using vaseline,and could have been a bit bigger
By Dunx from Lincoln on 04/09/2013
Pros: Ease of use
Cons: none
Recommended: Yes
wonderful kit to resume brewing after being in the wilderness for nearly a quarter of a century!
Woodfordes Starter Kit
By jacko from lowestoft on 01/31/2013
Pros: everything you need is here almost
Cons: syphon tube could be longer and a filter on the end.
Recommended: Yes
Well I've tried my beer now, and it's just as good as I had the night before in the local, I would even go so far as to say better. All you need to add is water and a little sugar, the rest is in the kit.
Woodfordes Starter Kit
By Vin from Morayshire on 01/14/2013
Pros: Easy to get starte
Cons: None
Recommended: Yes
I received this kit as a christmas present. First time brewer. Instructions are idiot proof just follow them step by step. Tried my first pint last night, I bought the Nog, it was excellent, pub standard or even better. I am about to place another order for a 2nd barrel and stout. Don,t be afraid to try this I was and it turned out that there was nothing to be afraid of.
Woodfordes starter kit
By Ican Brew from Wales on 01/02/2013
Pros: Great kit for everyone
Cons: No cons
Recommended: Yes
Brilliant kit
starter kit
By jjdr from wales on 12/26/2012
Pros: cannot fault the kit at all
Recommended: Yes
produced a great brew first time
Cons: NONE.
Recommended: Yes
Starter kit
By Wolfman from Telford, Shropshire on 08/17/2012
Pros: Brilliantly simple to use
Cons: None
Recommended: Yes
Being a Home brew 'virgin', decided to try this kit which contains everything to get started. Simple to set up and easy to use, I would recommend this to anyone willing to try homebrewing. The woodefordes wherry has also proved very popular amongst the family.
The best home brew
By thestruggle from east anglia on 07/24/2012
Pros: price,delivery,quality
Cons: zero
Recommended: Yes
Superb ale,even better than the pub.So easy to make,mine was ready in three weeks. Awesome. Kit provides all that you need to make lovely home brew ale.
Starter kit
By Knighty from Nottingham on 07/20/2012
Pros: Price, quality and delivery
Cons: None
Recommended: Yes
Excellent quality of products, service and a cracking beer you can make with your eyes shut!!
very efficient service
By fromthekeyboard from dorset on 07/19/2012
Recommended: Yes
dleivery was two days earlier than expected - although haven't started the kit yet all seems OK-
Greta service
Woodfordes Micro Brewery
By Mark from New Inn, S.Wales on 07/17/2012
Pros: Quality Kit
Cons: None to mention
Recommended: Yes
Great starter kit and delighted with my first batch of Woodfordes Sundew.. An absolute doddle to get going now considering another pressure barrel for continuity of brewing..

Highly recommended..

Everything you need to start
By Rob from North Wales on 06/26/2012
Pros: Good quality. Complete kit.
Cons: Could do with the clip to hold the syphon tube included.
Recommended: Yes
Perfect to start with. You'll probably expand to a little bottler and simpler syphoning tools in the future, but the kit here is great for beginners and experienced home brewers. The forums are a great source of information and the instructions that come with the kit are useful too. Recommended.
Admiral Resevre,
By thedrunkbean from Jersey on 05/09/2012
Pros: You can tell everyone you made it.
Cons: Having to wait to drink it.
Recommended: Yes
It took me longer to decide what kit i was going to purchase, but finally decided on the Admirals resevre real ale. Today is the day the ale is ready , its been just over two weeks now, with the odd cheeky pour just to check how it was doing of course. But now finally its drinkable and just as it was described it turned out perfect.

Let me statrt about the kit, Simple, basic and all you need. I have read alot of coments about the kit being not a great quality. Well a bad work man allways blames his tools, and remember guys the equipment will allways last longer than the beer, right!

Sterlizing, well worth spending the time on this easy to do.

Fermintation, The hardest part was keeping the room temp consitent, but if all fails i just left the beer for a couple more days till the bubbles stopped.

I barralled my beer, make sure you tighten the tap tho you dont want to waste a drop i a sure you.

And the hardest part, waiting ! yer this sure is not easy but well worth it.

If you were like me reding through other peoples comments, avoid the negative ones. Get a kit , make some beer it relly is easy, fun and when the lads pop round and drink you beer you see the achievement on their drunk faces.
Woodfordes Micro Brewery
By Luke from Somerset, UK on 04/17/2012
Pros: Easy to make
Cons: none
Recommended: Yes
I am fairly new to home brewing and bought one of the Woodfordes Micro Brewery kits, I was so impressed I bought another. I have tasted friends home brew in the past and it tasted like crap, so was very surprised when I tried Woodfordes Wherry. The instructions make brewing this beer an absolute breeze, the contects of the kit are excellent quality and the final product is amazing. I would definately reccomend this kit to anyone thinking of starting home brewing or experts alike.
micro brewery
By gavin from newark on 04/17/2012
Pros: woodfords ale oustanding
Cons: pressure barrel cant take the pressure
Recommended: No
not a bad starter kit but dont expect quality! the pressure barrel is leaky and cant take the pressure so i have had to lean it on its side to stop it leaking from around the taps seal. home brewing online are excellent though.

(HBO - Thanks for your review of the Micro Brewery. The pressure barrel with this kit is high quality. If there are any minor leaks from the tap area, this can be stopped by tightening the tap as detailed in the instructions. They are tight when they leave us but occasionally need a nip)
Wonderful stuff !
By [RV]erified User #147646 Steve Sowerby from The Yorkshire Dales on 04/16/2012
Pros: It does the job well.
Cons: They are not provided free of charge.....
Recommended: Yes
What seems like many years ago, I used to brew my own beer before the birth of my son. As he's now a lecturer at Oxford University, it seems like starting again is a good idea.
Christmas heralded one of these starter kits and not that much effort resulted in one of the best kit based beers I've ever made.
The next batch is about to be decanted to the barrel.
Oh, the joys of growing old and not having to pay over three quid for a decent pint......
By [RV]erified User #147616 ajw from Cornwall on 04/12/2012
Pros: Excellent beer
Cons: None
Recommended: Yes
Extremely happy with all of the brewing equipment that I bought and the quality of the beer that it produced. Delivery was very quick and being given a 1 hour slot for delivery was a great help. Highly recommended.
This was just too easy
By daemon brewer from St Neots on 01/17/2012
Pros: Great tasing beer
Cons: some parts very low quality
Recommended: Yes
Overall I'm very happy with this kit. The end product is a great tasting Woodforde Wherry beer and it was so simple to do the brewing. We're already brewing the next batch.

Whilst this is a good starter kit and has confirmed for me that I want to take up brewing my own beer I am somewhat disappointed with the low quality of some parts of the kit. In particular the brew bin lid was split around the rim before I could even use it; it's made of thin, brittle plastic that is not up to the wear of clipping and unclipping from the brew bin. As the seal seemed unaffected I continued with the brewing.

As soon as we started to drink the beer we came across the next problem; the provided CO2 bulbs do not last long at all. We got about 2 pints from each before having to recharge again. With only 2 bulbs provided this meant a trip to the (almost) local home-brew shop we didn't know existed!

I've now replaced the supplied pin valve with one suitable for larger self-sealing CO2 cylinders which means that it's cheaper and much less wasteful (most of the CO2 from the bulbs is vented into the air because they provide too much gas, especially when the barrel is nearly full)
But, in the scheme of things these are minor niggles; I've got a great product from the kit and will definitely get good value out of it.

(HBO - Thanks for your comments regarding the Woodfordes Micro Brewery kit. I'm glad that your overall experience is positive. Regarding the split lid, our manufacturer has identified that due to the temperature extremes sometimes experienced in brewing, a different compound of plastic is more suited. We have changed to the new style lids to avoid any further issues. CO2 Bulbs are generally regarded to be the best option for extra pressure. Normally 2-3 bulbs will suffice per barrel. It could be that the cap needs tightening on your barrel if it's not holding pressure correctly).
Micro Brewery starter kit
By Bill from Chichester, W Sussex on 12/20/2011
Pros: Everything you need
Cons: None
Recommended: Yes
I got my first batch of Woodforde's Wherry Ale started as soon as I received the kit. Everything I needed was there and well packed. The instructions for making it were easy to follow and the results (now disappearing fast) are very good and much better than either I or my friends had expected. My wife likes it to and says it makes excellent shandy.
What's next...
Think I'll get another barrel so I can have the next batch settling before I finsh the first. Will also get a better sample jar for testing the SG. The one supplied is ok but cant see it lasting long.
By T-BREW from SAN SEBASTIAN, SPAIN on 12/07/2011
Recommended: Yes
Woodfords Micro Brewery
By mark payne from Cardigan West Wales on 11/24/2011
Pros: All you need to get started
Cons: God the beers good
Recommended: Yes
Il get straight to the point. The kit as a whole is Just what you need to get started. Priced better than others an more for your money. Just tryed the first couple of pints, Its faultless, Very easy to make Just play the waiting game a few weeks and your be surprised. Go on make it an early xmas pressie.... An be merry, ho ho ho ho
Excellent Starter Kit
By Nog Head from Nuneaton on 11/22/2011
Pros: Easy to use all-in-one kit
Cons: Syphon tube bore a bit small
Recommended: Yes
A great kit quickly despatched and arrived within a couple of days. As a first timer I was a little apprehensive as the instructions are basic but they do the job. I found the syphon tube was a bit small and it took ages to transfer to the pressure barrel, however, this was a small price to pay when 14 days later 40 pints await.
Woodfordes Micro Brewery
By Gogs from Fife on 11/15/2011
Pros: Easy to use
Cons: No cons really....
Recommended: Yes
Arrived when it said it would. Got it set up no problems. Made up a batch of Admirals Reserve (roughly 32 pints) and conditioned in the Keg nice and easy - it was my first go at making home brew beer.

The only problem is having to drink it all...... I have made a good start already ;)

I have used Homebrew Online again for more stuff.
By bribob from goole yorkshire on 11/03/2011
Pros: spoton
Recommended: Yes
40 Pints Premium Pub style beer in just 1 month!.
they say and that's not kidologi i have tried it and its good and true Woodfordes Wherry
This kit is grreat
By Alec from South Wales on 11/02/2011
Pros: everything you need to start brewing
Cons: fermenter's lid is ever so slightly awkward
Recommended: Yes
It all came in good time with just one casualty in shipping. The hydrometer was shattered but a short phone call later and a new one was in the post, which arrived in good condition.

The beer tastes excellent! As good as anything I've bought in a pub.
Woodfoeds starter kit
By Bob from Burgess Hill Sussex on 10/12/2011
Pros: All you need at a great price
Cons: None
Recommended: Yes
Excellent starter kit-just followed the instructions and waited 3 weeks after barrelling for a super brew of Woodfordes Wherry-just as good as pub beer. Have also ordered the Woodfordes golden ale to try and the St Peters IPA which is on next. Waiting then to do the York Brewery Stonewall and Santa Special-bought an extra barrel to keep it all flowing! Havent brewed for over 20 years-the new kits are simpler and tastier-think I'm hooked (again!)
Woodfordes Starter Kit
By belch from Weddington. Warwickshire on 08/02/2011
Pros: Fool Proof
Cons: None
Recommended: Yes
A lot easier than my last attempt many years ago. Took a while for fermentation to kick in and now just waiting for it to clear in the barrel, been in it for ten days but clearing gradually. Will be ordering my next batch soon.
Starter kit with Wherry
By iAn from Nottingham on 07/24/2011
Pros: Really great value, everything you need
Cons: Could do with a syphon
Recommended: Yes
I've been wanting to start brewing at home for ages, and with the great price on this kit, I finally took the plunge.

Firstly the kit - it really does come with everything you need to get started. An hour after the parcel came through the door, I was busy mixing up my first batch of beer. The only niggle I have is that the kit only comes with tubing to move the brew from the fermenter - not a problem when you are going into the barrel, but for bottling your really need a syphon with a tap on.

Secondly - Wherry beer. A nice, easy going ale. Brewing was quick (6 days in a warm room) and easy. Transferred to the keg with some priming sugar and, 2 weeks later, it really is a beautiful drink. Good carbonation gives a nice head that lasts the bottom of the glass.

Footnote: The hydrometer in the kit arrived far from intact - kudos to Homebrew as they send out a replacement next day - no questions, no fuss.
By Paul from West Sussex on 06/23/2011
Pros: simple to make, great taste
Cons: none what so ever!
Recommended: Yes
What a great kit for the first time brewer, which I was. Followed the instructions and hey presto 40 pints of great, and I mean great, beer!
Great Brew!
By Baggins from South East on 06/17/2011
Pros: Great set, comes with everyhting you need,
Cons: None
Recommended: Yes
All in all a fantastic set! I tried some poor homebrew years back which put me off, however after a friend got a new set as a gift and tasted his ale I thought I'd give it a shot! The set comes with everything you need, and my first brew has just finished, and tastes great! I went for the woodfords admiral reserves ale kit to go with it and its worked perfectly, tastes like good norfolk ale you'd buy in a pub, and I've already made a serious dent in my batch!
micro brewery
By merry in the summer house from warrington on 06/12/2011
Pros: everything included
Cons: none
Recommended: Yes
brilliant kit to start off with. I ordered mine with the Admirals Reserve real ale and it is amazing.If I ordered a pint of this in the pub i would not be dissappointed. As I am a novice I had some questions which were not covered in the brief instructions so I Emailed the chaps at Homebrew online and they replied the next day with the answer. Just ordered my second beer kit (Wherry Bitter) to start tonight.
Woodfordes starter kit
By shelley from west sussex on 06/02/2011
Pros: everthing you need
Cons: none
Recommended: Yes
Only one little niggle, I bought this as a present and it would of been nice to have a gift box option (instead of loose in a plain cardboard box)
Just Starting Out
By Brambles from Denby on 02/02/2011
Pros: Great kit, everything you need to get started
Cons: Fairly scant instructions
Recommended: Yes
Really good website, liked how easy it was to find what I wanted to get started.
micro brewery
By swanny from stoke on 12/27/2010
Pros: easy to follow instructions
Cons: conflicted with woodfordes instructions
Recommended: Yes
brilliant kit, first time brewer, still waiting to sample first batch, @28/12, defo reccomend this to anyone thinking of starting up.
Ok for all levels of experience
By KE from UK on 12/22/2010
Recommended: Yes
Great kit
By JLC from Leeds, UK on 12/07/2010
Pros: Everything y ou need and more !
Cons: instructions a little vague, but manageable
Recommended: Yes
A brilliant kit which has everything you need to get going. Also included in my set was a pressure / gas kit though this does not seem to be required on our first attempt.
A brilliant set and perfect if you are a novice at homebrew !
First time brewing
By Daredevilsmith from Paignton on 11/30/2010
Pros: Quality Kit, VERY fast delivery, customer service very excelllent
Cons: Instructions could be more in depth but still easy to follow
Recommended: Yes
Everything you need as a first time brewer included in this kit and all good quality equipment. Emails were answered within 24 hours, dispatched on time arrived on time, beer tastes amazing!!

Thanks a bunch HOMEBREWONLINE!!!!
First Tme Brewer
By roz from Redcar on 11/19/2010
Pros: Quality kit
Cons: the air lock should be changed
Recommended: Yes
This kit was purchased with intention to start making my own beer. every thing that I needed was included in the micro starter kit. Qiuck delivery and after sales communication was excellent.
Great Product and Excellent Customer Service
By Will from Cardiff on 11/04/2010
Pros: Quality kit, delivered quickly, good customer service
Recommended: Yes
The micro brewery was bought as a bit of an experiment and its been really sucessful. The delivery was quick and the quality of all the items we received was very high. When we had a few questions the call to enquiries was answered quickly and professionally, I really can't fault it.

We've made a few more purchases since the micro brewery and our experience with these has been the same as the first. I've no hesitation in recommending the site and products to our friends.
First Time Brewer - Long time Drinker
By Kopter from Glenrothes, Fife on 10/27/2010
Pros: Everything needed provided.
Cons: Good instruction, but could be a bit more in depth for the newbiw
Recommended: Yes
After deciding to make my own beer I found Home Brew Online’s website to be very helpful for the beginner. The reviews of the products and the FAQ helped me in what to buy.

I plumped for the Woodforde’s starter kit and after deliberating what beer to go with I noticed I had ordered the wrong one only once I had processed the sale. A quick email and a quick helpful response rectified that problem.

The kit arrived a couple of days later, a helpful email form the courier stating which “hour” of the day the delivery was to take place. I am pleased to inform it arrived when stated.

The kit itself is basic, but is more that adequate to get a brew on the go for the beginner. The instructions came on a photocopied A4 sheet, I think the could elaborate on the instruction and make this a laminated sheet.

I look forward to this being the first of many beer kits from Home Brew Online.
Easy to use kit for first timer
By HelmGuy from Bristol on 09/22/2010
Pros: Everything you need in 1 box
Cons: None so far!
Recommended: Yes
I received this kit as a birthday present and it's about 1 week from being ready to drink - really looking forward to seeing what it tastes like but based on other reviews here I doubt I'll be dissapointed.

The kit contained everything needed to make 40 pints of real ale, except a small amount of sugar you need to add after the first week.

To be honest I can't wait to drink this first batch so I can get started on the next one!
Woodfordes Micro Brewery
By sheld from Bristol on 07/07/2010
Pros: Everthing in one box, east to use
Cons: none
Recommended: Yes
As I am a little new to the home brewing hobbie I started looking for starter kits, on various sites to see the reviews, and this stood out, very highly, the main selling point to me, was that everything was in one box, and all I needed was a little water and a bit of freetime. Although I haven't tasted the end product at present, as it is on it's final days of clearing, up to now everything has been great. I would also like to add if you do order it from Home Brew Online, their delivery and customer service is outstanding, had my package in 2 days. Brilliant.
What a pint!
By Tim from Kent on 05/18/2010
Pros: Quick and easy
Cons: None
Recommended: Yes
I've brewed Woodford's ale before and was excited about the Admiral's reserve but worried it wouldn't live up to the Wherry's quality. But I should never have doubted the kit! Quick and easy to brew, and after a two weeks of standing outside the pint was fantastic! Awesome! Better than the Wherry even!
Woodfords Micro brewery
By Bernie from Ipswich on 05/04/2010
Pros: Easy and straight foward to produce
Cons: Still cloudy at 14 days
Recommended: Yes
Cannot believe how homebrewing has come on.
This was a first attempt and i was doubtful i must say,but patience prevailed.After testing it on my father in law , i can honestly say it was perfect.
Great eroma,taste and looks.
The Brewing kit was very easy to use,as were the instructions.
On purchasing the micro brewery i also invested in the heater belt.(a big must for added satisfaction).
A big THANKYOU goes out to homebrewonline.
Fantastic value for money
By [RV]erified User #131400 spud332 from Kent on 02/26/2010
Pros: Easy to brew
Cons: None
Recommended: Yes
Wow !! My second ever attempt at home brewing, and what a difference this beer kit is to the last I had.
Everything you need is in the box. Easy to follow instructions... I dont know why I did not try this before.
Made 40 pints of Admirals Reserve ale.. What a fantastic pint..
I have paid loads of money in pubs for a beer that didn't taste half as good.
A drinkable real ale with a distinct caramel and fruit flavour with a mildly bitter finish..
Thanks Home-Brew online for a great product and fantastic service.